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How to arrive in Maldives?

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Maldives receive flights from everywhere in the world. Actually the cheaper ticket will be to Sri Lanka or India, but also you can find some good prices from Singapore, Bangkok or Turkey. You must find a flight to the international Airport Ibrahim Nasir (Velana Airport).

In the airplane ticket the destination is Male. But actually male city is another island than Male. Its just 5 minutes ride by boat and cost $2,00 Usd (from Airport to Male City or opposite). Its not necessary to book as this service run until late night.

Many backpackers use to go male city to get the public transportation to different islands.

What's the best transportation option?

The best transportation option is the only that can pick up you from airport arrivals is the Private speed boat. We, from Part Marine Maldives, do have this as one of our main services.

Once you give us your flight schedule we can organize one of our staff to be waiting for your flight arrives.

Once you book with us (its necessary to send us your flight details) we will make a meeting point in the airport...and just outside the airport our speed boat will be ready to go.

What's the cheapest transportation option?

Budget travelers like to choose the cheapest option, even if this option will make you spend your full day walking/waiting and carrying bags after a long journey. Yes that is possible, one a day there are specific ferries/islands.

For a destination as himmafushi its available the ferry called NASEEB 8. Usually they departure early morning 7:50am from Himmafushi to Male and come back from Male to himmafushi at 15:00pm. Just once a day, except Fridays and Hollidays.

We dont really recommend for tourists it because it departure from male, it get 1 hour long to arrive (from Male to Himmafushi) and just once a day. Its great option for locals who need to go everyday because it cost 2usd and can carry many things purchased.

How to get the public transportation (Ferry)?

The schedule of this transportation option it can be change without prior notice. So the best option is double check the information of the schedule...when you are in male locals near to the boat will give you some information.

Its departure in front of Fish Market. (before was departuring from other location: T-jetty)

How to get the public transportation (Shared speed boat) ?

The shared Speed Boat is a private company that offer this shared transfer by Speed Boat to some specific small islands. Himmafushi has this service option and its great for tourists and locals. Its fast, just 30 minutes and speed boat has nice quality. Cost 10$ + luggage fee.

Its a great option for travelers who doest have many time to spend waiting for the transfers (comparing with Ferry option for budget travelers).

How to get shared speed boat

(Harbor & time can change without prior notice)

* Arriving in the airport, you must get a transportation (tradicional “Dhoni” boat, USD$2) to Male City.

* When you arrive in Male, you must walk (5 min walk distance) in direction of Bank of Maldives (big red building) close to jetty number 05. 

* In front of Bank of CEYLON near bank of Maldives, you must get information where or when exactly they will departure to Himmafushi Island. Probably a local guy with black tshirt will be checking the booking on his mobile.

* Price is about USD$7 per person, plus price (approximately USD$3) of surfboard bag or luggage (according with size).

* 3 times a day/ shared with local people

* If you dont book your seat, there are high changes of no viable seats, then you will have to wait for next schedule speed boat.

* you will need to call YOUR SURF CAMP / RESORT / GUEST HOUSE to appoint a welcome in Himmafushi harbor, if your first time in Maldives. We do recommend and you are welcome to stay at our property


Getting in contact with us, we can insert your name on the Shared Speed Boat list.

Cost $3,25 Usd per group.(we will call them and book your seat only)

Its a seat reservation only...if you doesn`t arrive or find the transportation the speed boat will not wait for any guests.

How to get the private speed boat?

Its the easiest way. Follow this 3 steps:

- send us a message with your flight details.

- get all the information we will provide

- Meet us in the arrivals / Pay directly to the captain by cash (American Dollar)

Get in contact with us:

- we will make a appointment near the arrivals area

- 30 minutes speed boat to Himmafushi Island

- Fast and comfortable way, include internet on the boat.

- Cost $ 100usd can be share up to 5 guests at same trip destination

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